Exclusive Interview: Towards Industry 4.0 via collaboration and communication

Matthias Kasprowicz, the CEO of Tecon SES, elaborates on the firm’s customer-centric strategy and the business’ resulting movement towards effective integration through similar culture and values

Dating back to the 1970s, Tecon SES is an engineering solutions provider and the engineering arm of parent company Albatha Engineering Group – a locally owned business with 28 companies in six sectors and around 8000 employees. With operations primarily in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the business model of Tecon SES is built around customer-centricity and providing holistic, innovative solutions to its customers.

Catering to several sectors, including commercial construction, oil and gas, industrial, and marine, Tecon SES’ reputation for service, safety, and quality has made it one of the region’s largest and most respected specialised engineering solution providers, according to the firm’s chief executive officer.

In an exclusive interview, Matthias Kasprowicz, the CEO of Tecon SES, enlightens MEP Middle East about the firm’s wide range of technical solutions and product offerings and highlighted Tecon SES’ efficient and effective method of integrating digitisation and expanding the company.

“Tecon SES is becoming the digital enabler in the industry and will lead the way to Industry 4.0, internet of things, and energy optimisation, with our newly established business unit – Digital and Smart Cities,” reveals Kasprowicz. He adds that the new business unit’s goal is to embrace the digitisation era to become more connected and efficient and meet the expectations of a quickly changing digital world to serve customers better and stay competitive.

Elaborating on the firm’s notable projects shaping the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s futuristic landscapes, Kasprowicz notes that it would be difficult to find a project in which Tecon SES is not involved. “This year, we have been part of developing a large solar street lighting project and establishing further coverage for charging stations for electric vehicles. In addition, we have significantly reduced energy consumption for our customers and made buildings safer and well-equipped with our life safety, earthing and lighting protection and solutions.”

He points out that the firm is focusing all its efforts on building a legacy to leave a lasting footprint in the UAE while developing, extending, and advancing its growth plan. Highlighting how the business plans to serve its customers better, Kasprowicz says: “Internally, we aspire to strengthen the company’s unity through diversity – people are the core of our business, and we wish to honour Tecon SES’ diverse workplace as it acknowledges the individual strengths of each employee and the potential they bring.”

“Our vision for Tecon SES’ future within the region is to be a market leader and a trusted partner for sustainable engineering solutions and to be the employer of choice.”

Facing challenges

Continuing further, Kasprowicz notes the main challenges in the region: “The liquidity crisis which started with the decline of oil prices in 2015, the political conflicts around the GCC region, and the global pandemic have resulted in many companies disappearing from the market- however, the leadership and agility of UAE has always been a solid example of how to convert challenges into opportunities.”

Another massive challenge, according to Kasprowicz, is the constant undercutting of the contractor’s prices and winning projects below their own cost. He points out that this results in extremely tight budgets and shifts the focus from a solution’s quality to the resolution’s price. He adds that this often results in low-quality solutions while convincing the consultant and the owner to accept cheap products.

Kasprowicz states that the industry must stand together to prioritise high-quality delivery: “At Tecon SES, we evaluate our projects and customers carefully since we want to be a strong partner for our clients. Additionally, we continue to invest in new technologies, go beyond conventional boundaries, and provide the framework to create new opportunities through learning and innovation.”

Mission critical

Tecon SES’ platform combines an extensive product portfolio by working with hi-tech manufacturers and suppliers with product offerings across a project’s whole value chain. The firm’s technical solutions begin with geo-measurement services, followed by earthing and lightning protection, while the next stage includes life safety, security, BMS and lighting solutions from Tecon SES.

Kasprowicz also declares that their ‘Digitisation and Smart Infrastructure’ business unit allows them to work with customers on the Industry 4.0 transition of factories, including instrumentation and automatisation, energy management and other innovative smart city solutions.

Tecon SES

Additionally, within the Albatha Group (Tecon SES’ parent company), six companies, namely, Geco Engineering, Geoscope, Spectra, Geco Chemicals, Geco Chemical Oil & Gas Field Services and Geco Ind. Packing LLC (GIPL) are under the Tecon SES platform. According to Kasprowicz, this has allowed the firm to integrate seamlessly while growing the company’s size, leading to higher workplace standards for employees and more resources to expand sales territories and improve its product offerings.

Furthermore, he notes that Geco O&G provides chemicals and specialised solutions to the oil and gas industry, while GIPL is a leading provider of refrigerant gases.

On a final note, Kasprowicz comments that the company wants to be pioneers of change in terms of excellence and technology, and fulfil its commitment toward climate change. He summarises that the ultimate goal would be to work collectively towards a nature-positive, net-zero and socially equitable future while thinking beyond profits. “Adapting a green business strategy and business model is essential to embark on a more sustainable journey, and I hope that the industry will shift from a short-term and price-driven market to a value-driven one,” concludes Kasprowicz.