Polyurethane is one of the most energy efficient insulation materials currently available in the market. polyurethane insulation can be used in roofs, walls, floors and ceiling cavities, as well as building exterior applications, in both new and retrofit construction projects. Polyurethane insulation is also used to improve the energy efficiency of refrigerators, cold storage facilities, commercial pipelines, water heaters and more. Our rigid Polyurethane Systems marketed under the POLYFLOE® brand name with various different products tailor made to satisfy our customers' product performance requirements and processing conditions.

Polyurethane: the preferred insulant for energy efficiency.

Polyurethane-based insulation has one of the highest thermal resistance (R-values) at a given thickness and lowest thermal conductivity of all insulation materials. Additionally, it can be used in many building types, where the need for insulation and air-tightness is combined with water vapor retardation, load-bearing strength, impact resistance, weight and space optimization, low maintenance and durability.

Polyurethane Applications

  • Flexible and rigid polyurethane foam industry
  • Polyurethane for insulation and packaging
  • PVC foam industry