Refrigerant Gases

GECO IPL supplies Refrigerant gases of varied specifications and is applicable in diverse industries, ranging from, Automotive: Vehicle manufacturing and maintenance. Food and Beverage Industry:
Frozen food, soft drink and juice manufacturers and dairy products. Cold stores: for preservation of fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables and meat products. Refrigeration and air- conditioning manufacturers – Chillers, split units and window A/C air handling units. District Cooling Air-conditioning for high-rise buildings and residential complexes via distribution of chilled water. Original Equipment Manufacture’s: Refrigerators, chest freezer, water cooler, dispenser and chilled shelving.

Supply of refrigerant gases is our core business line and we intend to be the leading refrigerant solution provider in the industry. We specialize in refilling and supply of all and commercial and industrial refrigerant gases in GCC and other Arab countries.

All refillable cylinders are manufactured in ISO 9002 certified facilities to meet AHRI, DOT, TC, and global requirements. All refillable refrigerant cylinders exceed industry regulations for quality and are manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.
We provide high quality non-refillable, refillable, recovery, and high pressure cylinders the industry has trusted for more than 28 years. GECO IPL has its own filling station (largest facility in the region) for repacking and distribution of refrigerants gases, which is equipped with ultra-modern facilities to provide high quality, high performance product

With largest facility and overwhelming market share we are one of the leading suppliers in UAE. With over 25 years of experience and services in refrigerant gases our aptitude is entirely supreme.


Refrigerant Applications

  • Automotive Industry – Vehicle manufacturing and maintenance
  • Food and Beverage Industry – frozen food, soft drinks and dairy products
  • Cold stores for preservations of fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables and meat products
  • Refrigerants and air-conditioning manufactures – chillers, split units and window A/C air handling units
  • District cooling
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) – refrigerators, chest freezer, water cooler, dispenser and chilled shelving