HVAC Accessories & Parts – S.E.R.srl

The Company S.E.R. srl is always concerned of the environment S.E.R. srl line of products are
completely non-toxic, suitable with the use of the new refrigerant fluids. The employment of very
high quality raw materials from selected suppliers, the continuous research of innovating solutions
and the systematic control on the working practice following the European Regulations, are the
guarantee of a Company that is always careful to the quality of the products and of the protection of
the environment. As from the year 2003, on customer demand, S.E.R. srl began manufacturing
Evaporators with Inox tube.

S.E.R. srl has a range of evaporator for every kind of demand: positive temperature conservation, low temperature conservation, low temperature conservation and freezing, conditioning, for using direct expansion with refrigerant gas, or on demand for using glycol water, with low or high ventilation, with double speed fans. Each product is delivered with an internal nitrogen charge of about 3 bars, to assure the customers from any leaks.