HVAC Accessories & Parts – PEGO

PEGO S.r.l. is a leading supplier of electrical boards for refrigerating plants production. Affirmed on
the national market, with solutions always to the vanguard, PEGO expanded then on European and
international level, supported by an efficient net of distributors. PEGO S.r.l. is specialized in
refrigeration and conditioning and offers a full range of products, suitable to every kind of
application. Both standard and custom boards production allows to satisfy every specific
Customer’s requirement.

Full range of electronics realized: i.e. for seasoning, quick freezing, dough-retarders, chiller, and the TeleNET monitoring system allows to check all your units. PEGO’s continuous growth lead to the recent entrance in the humidification sector and the birth of humidifiers division to answer these requirements. PEGO’s goal is to satisfy the Customers, solving their specific problems and always designing improved and technologically enhanced products.