About us

GECO IPL is engaged in the distribution of wide range of products and services which includes the whole range of Refrigerant Gases, Refrigerant & Recovery Cylinders, HVAC Equipment, HVAC Spare Parts & Accessories, Refrigerant Compressor Lubricants and HVACR Chemicals, Polyurethane Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals and variety of Plastic Polymers & Granules (reprocessed).

We supply high quality HCFC’s, HFC’s and HVAC equipment and products to fulfil industry specific needs.

GIPL has its own filling station for repacking and distribution of refrigerants gases which is equipped with ultra-modern facilities. Recently GIPL extended its storage capacity to improve quality, efficiency and support ongoing expansion across the GCC.

Our plant is dedicated to providing safe, high quality, high performance and reliable outcomes for a wide variety of applications around the region. We understand that our success and future prosperity depend upon our ability to create real value for our customers through high levels of dedication to quality and the best customer service in our industry.

In the continued pursuit of GIPL vision, we have established an exclusive showroom in Diera featuring Air Condition & Refrigeration accessories and parts.


In this highly competitive market, GIPL is a step further than the rest, in that, it also assists clients with numerous technical solution.

Our refrigerants management program completely envelops the refrigerant chain supply, providing the following services to customers.

  • Supply of virgin refrigerant
  • Recovery and Reclamation Management Systems
  • Refrigerant disposal
  • Rental program for refrigerant recovery equipment & cylinders
  • Analysis of refrigerants and refrigeration oils
  • Refrigerant gases for supermarket chillers
  • Supply of Polyurethane Chemicals
  • Supply of Plastic polymers & Granules