Overview by Cheif Executive Officer - C.E.O.

Individually, Tecon & GECO companies together have an admirable combined history of over 70 years. These companies have taken pride in being professional and efficient, and at the same time, customer-centric. They have had a reputation of harnessing a culture of innovation to deliver technical expertise, undertaking the most complex of projects and meeting deadlines. Together, with the new formation, we aspire to provide an industry-leading experience to our existing clientele and new opportunities through pioneering initiatives intended to increase satisfaction & loyalty.

What differentiates us from other companies in the market is our sales & service portfolio, with which we can provide our customers end-to-end solutions,
encompassing everything from identifying products, design & installation, setting up systems, repair & calibration and post sales services. We also undertake
educating and training our clients on our products, for which we have a state-of-the-art training center in Dubai. We regularly hold technical workshops and seminars, inviting the best in the industry to educate and train our customers. We also provide certificates & warranty for the jobs carried out which further enhances the trust of our clients in working with us and establishing long-term partnerships.

Our USP’s are – futuristic approach, advanced technology & equipment, 360° solutions with respect to Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Chemical, IT / Telecom
and Automation / Robotics - and a dedicated technical team which provides all round support and assistance to our clients.

For us, our employees are an important aspect in the business and their wellbeing is our priority. We recognize and appreciate their loyalty, commitment, hard-work and devotion to the business. Their contribution has been one of the major reasons for our expansion and growth... and continued success.

In the end, I would like to highlight that this brochure does not only illustrate what we do, but also embodies our journey, our values, our mission to support our clients, and our commitment to social responsibility.

Sivakumar Subramanian