A formation offering wider range of ‘specialized engineering solutions’

Albatha Holding has integrated six companies into TECON, established a new platform to offer a wider range of specialized engineering solutions. These six companies are Geco Engineering, Geoscope, Spectra, Geco Chemicals, Geco Chemical Oil & Gas Field Services and Geco Ind. Packing LLC (GIPL) - now all under one platform, TECON - SES.

An internal change was brought to cater to the changing market needs, and enhance our capabilities by combining our strengths. This platform provides customers with specialized engineering solutions, which is derived from the company’s vision - to provide high quality & sustainable engineering solutions to its clients across the region with a commitment to meet customer needs according to international standards.

With an expert technical team and association with top notch manufacturers around the world, this TTECON - SES will continue to be a trusted resource and an establishment that delivers quality.