Thorn Lighting, U.K

THORN Lighting is a leading quality supplier for indoor, outdoor and airfield lighting projects. Its strategic mission is to improve the quality of life of people by lighting areas. Thorn is different, as it continues to develop a combination of group-wide & local-actions, reinforcing the core capabilities that have been established in 77 years history.

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Product Portfolio

  • Indoor Commercial Lighting
  • Indoor Decorative Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Sports Lighting
  • Road Lighting & Tunnels
  • Airfield Lighting

Sylvania, Concord Lighting, U.K

Havells-Sylvania is one of the world's major lighting groups. For more than a century Havells-Sylvania have improved the way people live by enabling them to enjoy better lighting in a more sustainable manner. Today, the company continues to build on exceptional reputation as an innovator and energy-saving, light sources and creator of high-efficiency, luminaires, by providing full spectrum lighting solutions, tailored to individual and local needs.
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Havells-Sylvania's 3 main brands- Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania - concentrate strengths in research and development, LED lighting technology, product design, engineering and production, plus in-depth, honest application expertise, on their specialized areas of activity: high-end architectural, decorative and functional professional lighting.

Product Portfolio

  • Ambient
  • Downlight
  • Uplight
  • Exterior
  • Custom

Holophane Lighting, U.K I U.S.A

The Holophane name is synonymous with the excellent quality of its lighting products. For over 100 years, throughout the world, the company has enjoyed an enviable reputation for expertise, quality and innovation in most areas of lighting, and perhaps more importantly, the optical control of light.
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Product Portfolio

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Exterior

Vega Licht, Germany I Malaysia

Vega Licht is today's preferred choice of leading consultants for sophisticated quality lighting, which keeps its design at the leading edge of lighting technology to meet the latest demanding building requirements.
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Product Portfolio

  • With Compact Florescent lamps
  • With General Service Lamps
  • With PAR Lamps
  • With HID Lamps
  • With IP Rating

Gamma Lighting, Australia

Gamma Illumination are lighting specialists focused on providing quality service and products to customers. Bringing experience and innovation into the market, Gamma Illumination deliver lighting technology with value.
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Product Portfolio

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Exterior

Hacel Lighting, U.K

Hacel Lighting was established in 1980, is a major UK lighting manufacturer. The products give an indication of the design flair, manufacturing capability and individual talents within the company, which combine to produce high quality lighting products. The "In house" design and engineering studio is dedicated to lighting and utilizes the very latest in CAD/CAM and 3D solid modeling systems.
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These systems enable concepts to be quickly and accurately visualized for future product development.

Product Portfolio

  • CRetail Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting

LuxeLED, Australia

LuxeLED has established a strong reputation for innovation in lighting by reducing energy without compromising effects, by making use of the latest LED technologies. Over the years, LuxeLED have proven to be the total solution provider when it comes to lighting interior, exterior, landscape, amenity, facade and many other applications.
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Lighting products are not just beautifully designed, but they are also technically advanced. LuxeLED uses top brands for our LED chips - Cree, Bridgelux, COB from Samsung and Citizen are few names which gives LuxeLED an edge over competition.

Product Portfolio

  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • LED lighting – LuxeLED

Regent Lighting, South Africa

Regent Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers of light fittings in South Africa. Apart from its standard quality products, Regent specializes in custom-made products to suit the client requirements. One of such custom-made product, Cannon range is used in the Madinat Jumeirah Project.
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Product Portfolio

  • Contemporary Lighting
  • Bulkheads
  • Traditional Lighting
  • Bollards
  • Traditional Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

Industria Lighting, Holland

Industria Technische Verlichting B.V is a part of the Indal Group, which is one of Europe's largest and leading supplies of exterior lighting products with over 80 years of manufacturing experience. Industria has developed itself into a focused exterior lighting company, specialized in street, tunnel, underpass and propagation lighting.
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The optics, the heart of the lanterns are developed in-house with lighting techniques as one of their key strengths. As the optics should perform a lifetime, their lanterns are constructed according to high quality standards and IP-ratings, installation and maintenance with friendly solutions and an attractive price–performance ratio.

Product Portfolio

  • Motorway, Main and Side Road Lighting
  • Tunnel and Under Pass Lighting
  • High Mast Lighting
  • Architectural and Ame

CCS, Cold Cathode System

CCS Neon was formed in 1988 for the sole purpose of creating a centre of excellence for the manufacturer of Cold Cathod Systems and Neon Signs. Cold Cathode Systems are a precise, bespoke lighting format customized to follow some of the most unusual and demanding architectural designs and profiles imaginable.
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The lamps have been used both externally and internally to enhance designs through out the UK and the world. With a spectrum exceeding fifty colors and potential to dim, cross fade & colour change, the product range is just too vast to list - the combinations are endless.

Product Portfolio

  • Cold Cathode System
  • Neon Signs

Comparlux (Exclusivity), Germany

Comparlux offers a wide range of lighting systems as well as components and parts. The product range includes spotlights, power-track-systems, down lights, surface mounted light fixtures, floodlights and recessed light fixtures as well as LED-technology - indoor and outdoor. Comparlux also exclusively produce parts or light fixtures according to customer requirements.
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Comparlux cooperates with suppliers to complete product range, and offer all products required to fulfill every project, and maintains the same high standard all over the world.

Competitive advantages are a result from Comparlux's own developments, especially successful in the new field of LED technology. It has already introduced innovations which are already established in the market.

TAL, Belgium

TAL has total dedication to quality. This not only entails the use of the best available materials and finishes but also covers topics such as innovation, competitive pricing, good deliveries, attractive and user-friendly catalogue material, support (both pre and post) sales, and the flexibility to constantly produce trendsetting and exciting designs TAL's mission is one of technical and aesthetical innovation.
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Ground breaking products such as the Symbiosis family, Smartfader, Geena, B4 and Victoria (many of which have won prestigious awards) and exquisite collections such as Black & Gold, White and Chrome are witness to this mission and they are paving a the way to our constant growth and success.

Metalumen, Canada

METALUMEN is a lighting fixture manufacturer which supplies a wide array of indirect, direct and indirect/direct lighting systems. The uniquely engineered products, primarily manufactured from extruded and perforated aluminium, offer distinguished product designs, outstanding photometric performance and ease of installation.
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This complements todays architecture, interior design styles and construction schedules.

  • Commercial
  • Hospital + Extended Care
  • Academic
  • Transportation

Molto Luce, Italy

Molto Luce – a business whose passion has been pertained to light since its foundation in 1981, whose challenge holds the balance between light and dark, whose claims have been focussing on the conjunction of functionality and design from the beginning. A business, which creates illuminating trends and forms them with its concepts, products and services.
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In doing so the holistic view of living and working spaces takes the centre stage. The result of all acts is the skilful coordination of well thought-out lighting concepts, customer wishes, architectural guidelines and light parameter. Determining for success and future.

  The key-factors for the company´s success always have been the high quality- and design thinking, the strong customer focus but also the willingness for change. Especially the 2002 made decision to start with the designing and producing of own lighting series has been a clear signal and an important step into the future.

  Further impulses have been the foundation of a distribution company in Germany and according to that the opening of the distribution offices in Cologne ,Nuremberg and Bremen as wellas the enlargement of the both Austrian locations in Wels and Vienna. All inall arrangements that have an positive effect on the future and the customer relationship.

  Today Molto Luce is well known as a successful lighting specialist and as a reliable project-partner.

  300 employees at the fivebusiness locations Wels, Vienna, Weißkirchen, Cologne, Nuremberg and Bremen, are responsible for a company turnover of more than Euro 55 Million.

  Numerous national and international first class reference projects prove impressively the high performance and creativity of the company named Molto Luce.

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